Hospitality is embedded in Indian culture,
and we at Taj India would like to extend you the same.
We invite you to experience our extraordinary
and authentic Indian cuisine.
Come try our delicious exotic curries, fresh hot breads,
and discover for yourself the spices for which America was discovered.

Taj India Menu

  • Dinner on Menu

  • Soups

  • Dal Shorba Soup

    • 1 unit $3.95

    A traditional soup made with split peas & lentils, subtly flavored with spices, garnished with cilantro

  • CoCo Nut Soup

    • 1 unit $3.95

    Shredded coconut soup made wtih whole milk, cream, nuts, and sweet Indian spices

  • Vegetable Soup

    • 1 unit $3.95
  • Appetizers

  • Papadam

    • $3.00

    Wafers made with lentils and black pepper

  • Samosa

    • $4.95

    Deep fried, spiced and shredded potato turnovers

  • Aloo Tikki

    • $4.95

    A packet of spiced vegetables, deep fried

  • Onion Bhaji

    • $4.95

    Fresh vegetables fritters deep fried in vegetable oil —

  • Paneer Pakora

    • $4.95

    Chucks of homemade cheese made with low fat milk, rolled in chickpea flour, deep fried –

  • Taj Choice

    • $6.95

    Mixed platter of appetizers, one piece each of Samosam, Tiki, Pakora, Paneer Pakora, & Papadam

  • Chicken Tikka

    • $7.95

    Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in a special sauce, barbecued in Tandoor on hot coals, served on a bed of lettuce —

  • Chicken Pakora

    • 5 pieces $7.95

     Tender pieces of boneless chicken marinated in spices and batter fried. Served with
    tamarind and mint chutney

  • Coconut Shrimp

    • 6 pieces $7.95

    Fresh shrimp dipped in coconut batter smothered with fresh grated coconut and deep
    Fried. Served with coconut and mint chutney

  • House Special

    • $10.95

    House Special piece of chicken tikka, chicken pakora, lamb kabab, seekh kabab, samosa,
    paneeer pakora, papadam

  • Breads

  • Roti/Chapati

    • 1 piece $2.95

    Traditional Indian unleavened, whole wheat bread

  • Bhatura

    • 1 piece $2.95

    Refined flour, deep fried, puffy

  • Nan

    • 1 piece $2.95

    Traditional Indian unleavened white bread made by slapping it quickly on the sides of tandoor

  • Plain Pratha

    • 1 piece $3.95

    Unleavened, whole wheat, flaky, multi-layered bread topped with butter

  • Poori

    • 2 pieces $3.95

    Soft, balloon shaped bread made with whole wheat flour

  • Onion Kulcha

    • 1 piece $3.95

    Leavened white bread topped with onions, Indian spices, and cilantro

  • Garlic Naan

    • 1 piece $3.95

    Leavened, handmade white bread made with garlic, herbs and Indian spices. Served hot from Tandoor

  • Aloo Nan

    • 1 piece $3.95

    Stuffed bread with potato and Indian spices

  • Aloo Paratha

    • 1 piece $3.95

     A layered, whole wheat bread, stuffed with shredded potatoes, peas, and Indian spices,
    with butter on top

  • Punjabi Nan

    • 1 piece $4.95

     Nan bread stuffed with coconut, saffron, and sweet spices

  • Keema Nan

    • 1 piece $4.95

     Nan bread stuffed with ground lamb, spices and cilantro

  • Mixed Vegetable Paratha

    • 1 piece $3.95

     This layered bread is filled with potatoes, green peas, cauliflower, and
    homemade cheese, with herbs and Indian spices

  • Chicken Tikka Nan

    • 1 piece $4.95

     Nan bread stuffed with chopped grilled chicken, fresh onion & cilantro

  • Delhi Darbar


  • Tandoori Chicken

    • $12.95

    Spring half chicken marinated in yogurt and freshly ground Indian spices, roasted in Tandoor over slow fire. Served on a hot sizzler, garnished with cilantro

  • Chicken Tikka

    • $12.95

    Tender boneless chicken pieces of white meat marinated in yogurt, herbs, and Indian spices,
    roasted in Tandoor over slow fire

  • Seekh Kabab

    • $14.95

    Minced lamb, seasoned with diced onions, garlic, herbs, and Indian spices, broiled over charcoal in the clay oven

  • Lamb Kabab

    • $15.95

    Choice pieces of lamb chunks marinated in yogurt and Indian spices for twenty-four hours,
    sautéed on a skewer in Tandoor over hot fire

  • Tandoori Shrimp

    • $15.95

    Jumbo shrimp seasoned with fresh spices and herbs, grilled in the tandoor

  • Malai Tikka

    • $15.95

    Tender pieces of boneless chicken flavored and marinated in cream cheese saffron and cardamom
    Grilled to a perfection that melts in your mouth

  • Mixed Grill

    • $15.95

    Mixed platter of choice pieces of Chicken Tandoori, Lamb Kabab, tikka, and seekh kabob,
    served on a hot sizzler

  • BIRYANI (Rice Specialties)


  • Taj’s Special Biryani

    • 1 unit $16.95
    • 2 unit $31.95

    Saffron flavored Basmati rice sautéed in butter with choice pieces of lamb, chicken, shrimp, almonds,
    vegetables, cashews, and raisins; garnished with cilantro

  • Shrimp Biryani

    • 1 unit $15.95

    Fresh shrimp sautéed in butter with saffron flavored Basmati rice, nuts, raisins, and vegetables;
    garnished with fresh herbs

  • Lamb Biryani

    • 1 unit $16.95

    Boiled pieces of juicy lamb sautéed with steamed Basmati rice, vegetables, Indian spices, cashews,
    raisins, and exotic herbs

  • Chicken Biryani

    • 1 unit $13.95

    Selected chicken pieces sautéed with Basmati rice, vegetables, nuts, and raisins; garnished with fresh herbs

  • Vegetable Biryani

    • 1 unit $13.95

    Long grain Basmati rice sautéed with cottage cheese and fresh vegetables, in a blend of exotic herbs
    and Indian spices

  • Bay of Bengal Cuisine (Seafood Specialties)


  • Shrimp Vindaloo

    • 1 unit $14.95

    Shrimp sautéed with hot Indian spices in a curry sauce with potatoes. From brave men of Madras!

  • Shrimp Do Piaza

    • 1 unit $14.95

    Fresh shrimp with green peppers, onion, tomatoes, and Indian spices

  • Shrimp Curry

    • 1 unit $14.95

    Fresh shrimp in a robust onion and tomato base sauce of ginger, garlic, coriander, and other herbs

  • Shrimp Saag

    • 1 unit $14.95

    Served on a flavorful bed of spiced spinach and light cream

  • Shrimp Korma

    • 1 unit $14.95

    Shrimp with creamy sauce and nuts

  • Shrimp Madras

    • 1 unit $14.95

    Shrimp cooked in hot and tangy madras sauce, ginger, fresh herbs and coconut

  • Shrimp Tandoori Masala

    • 1 unit $14.95

    The favorite dish of Emperor Shah Jahan – the creator of the Taj Mahal. Shrimp charbroiled and then
    sautéed in fresh herbs and cooked in a sauce of tomatoes and light cream

  • FishTikki Masala

    • 1 unit $14.95

    Haddock marinated in yogurt, charbroiled and sautéed in herbs. Simply fantastic

  • Fish Curry

    • 1 unit $14.95

    Fresh haddock fish in a robust onion and tomato base sauce of ginger, garlic, coriander, and other herbs

  • Fish Madras

    • 1 unit $14.95

    Haddock cooked in hot and tangy madras sauce, ginger, fresh herbs and coconut

  • Fish Vindaloo

    • 1 unit $14.95

    A super hot dish made with haddock, potatoes and very hot Indian spices. Pure heat wave

  • GHOST SHERE PUNJAB (Lamb Specialties)

  • Lamb Curry

    • 1 unit $15.95

    Soft lamb sautéed in a thick curry sauce. We will tailor its spiciness to your taste

  • Keema Mutter

    • 1 unit $15.95

    An ancient recipe of ground lamb, peas, coriander, and ginger

  • Lamb Do Piaza

    • 1 unit $15.95

    Tender young lamb with green pepper, onions, tomatoes, and Indian spices

  • Lamb Vindaloo

    • 1 unit $15.95

    Super hot and savory

  • Lamb Dilruba

    • 1 unit $15.95

    Soft lamb and mushrooms lightly steamed with fresh ginger, garlic, onion, and Indian spices

  • Lamb Rogan Josh

    • 1 unit $15.95

    Cubes of lamb marinated in oriental Indian spices, sautéed with chopped tomatoes,
    shredded coconut in creamy sauce

  • Lamb Badam Pasanda

    • 1 unit $15.95

    Cubed pieces of lamb sautéed in special mild sauce, with almonds, cashews, and raisins. A Mughlai delight

  • Lamb Saag

    • 1 unit $15.95

    Juicy pieces of lamb boiled in Indian spices, mixed with spinach sauce and flavorful Indian spices

  • Lamb Karahi

    • 1 unit $15.95

    Pieces of tender lamb sautéed with Indian spices, fresh bell pepper, and onions in a Karahi.
    Served in small Karahis (Wok)

  • Lamb Madras

    • 1 unit $15.95

    Lamb cooked in hot and tangy Madras sauce, ginger and fresh herbs

  • Lamb Masala

    • 1 unit $15.95

    Lamb marinated in yogurt, charbroiled and sautéed in herbs. Simply fantastic

  • BAHARE MURG (Chicken Specialties)

  • Chicken Curry

    • 1 unit $12.95

    Braised chicken in a savory tomato, ginger, garlic, and herb sauce, with your choice of spiciness

  • Makhni Chicken

    • 1 unit $12.95

    Tender boneless pieces of Tandoor chicken sautéed with ginger, onions, and garlic in a sauce
    made with tomatoes, different Indian spices, and exotic herbs

  • Chicken Korma

    • 1 unit $12.95

    Tender pieces of chicken in a special sauce with cashews, almonds, and light cream

  • Chicken Mughlai

    • 1 unit $12.95

     Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in spices overnight then simmered in a rich mughlai sauce
    made of onions, cashews, almonds and saffron

  • Chicken Vindaloo

    • 1 unit $12.95

    A super hot dish made with potatoes and very hot Indian spices. Pure heat wave

  • Chicken Jal Faregi

    • 1 unit $12.95

    Boneless chicken prepared with fresh onions, bell peppers, slices of tomato, and onions; flavored with Indian spices

  • Chicken Tikka Saag

    • 1 unit $12.95

    Boneless pieces of chicken tikka mixed in a spinach sauce with Himalayan herbs and various Indian spices

  • Chicken Tikki Masala

    • 1 unit $12.95

    Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt, charbroiled and sautéed in herbs. Simply fantastic

  • Chicken Karahi

    • 1 unit $12.95

    Boneless pieces of baked chicken, fresh green pepper and onions made in a Karahi
    (a concave shaped pot like a wok). Served in small Karahis

  • Chicken Madras

    • 1 unit $12.95

    Boneless chicken cooked in hot coconut, red chili and hot mustard sauce, ginger and fresh herbs

  • Chicken Mango

    • 1 unit $13.95

    Boneless chicken cooked with fresh mangos & coriander, ginger & garlic, a sweet traditional dish

  • Non-Vegetarian Dinner

    • 1 unit $19.95
    • 2 unit $38.95

    Choice of any non-vegetarian dish. Chicken or Lamb and Dal Shorba Soup and one piece of Samosa or 3 pieces Onion Bhaji. Also Chapaty or Nan and dessert of the day



  • Aloo Gobhi

    • 1 uniit $11.95

    Cauliflower and potatoes cooked with herbs and spices

  • Vegetable Curry

    • 1 unit $10.95

    A mixture of fresh vegetables in ginger, curry and garlic sauce

  • Aloo Mutter

    • 1 unit $10.95

    Fresh green peas, sautéed in a delicately spiced sauce with potatoes

  • Dal Makhani

    • 1 unit $10.95

    Black lentils sautéed over a low flame, laced with cream, Indian spices, and served in a typical punjabi style

  • Chana Saag

    • 1 unit $10.95

    Steamed chick peas sautéed with spinach, ginger, garlic, and Indian spices

  • Aloo Palak

    • 1 unit $10.95

    Delightful ragout of potatoes, spinach and tomatoes, light cream, cinnamon, and other Indian spices

  • Channa Masala

    • 1 unit $10.95

    Chick peas steamed with tomatoes, ginger, garlic, onions, and Indian spices

  • Mutter Paneer

    • 1 unit $11.95

    Our flavorful blend of homemade cottage cheese and green peas, lightly seasoned with fresh herbs

  • Mutter Mushroom

    • 1 unit $10.95

    Green peas and mushrooms lightly seasoned with fresh ginger, garlic, onion, tomatoes, and herbs

  • Baingan Bhartha

    • 1 unit $11.95

    Grilled eggplant cooked with onion, tomatoes and fresh herbs

  • Nav Rattan Korma

    • 1 unit $11.95

    A traditional merging of nine gems – fresh cauliflower, eggplant, green pepper, homemade cheese, green peas, potatoes, tomatoes, cashews, and raisins. Sautéed with ginger, garlic, onions,
    cardamom, cloves, and special Indian spices

  • Saag Paneer

    • 1 unit $11.95

    A mound of lightly seasoned spinach in a steaming blend of light cream; our own cottage cheese, and Indian spices

  • Malai Kofta

    • 1 unit $11.95

    A true Mughlai delight – balls of freshly minced vegetables simmered in cardamom, saffron,
    garlic, cashews, and light cream sauce

  • Shahi Paneer

    • 1 unit $11.95

    Chunks of cheese sautéed with ginger, garlic, onions, and tomatoes; garnished with
    cashews and raisins, cooked in creamy sauce. A royal vegetarian delight

  • Karahi Paneer

    • 1 unit $11,95

    Small chunks of cottage cheese and green pepper sautéed in Karahi (wok) with
    onions, tomatoes, ginger, and coriander. Made spicy

  • Vegetarian Dinner

    • 1 unit $17.95
    • 2 unit $34.95

    Choice of any vegetarian dish. Dal Shorba soup, one piece of Samosa or 3 pieces Onion Bhaji.
    Also Chapaty or Nan and dessert of the day.

  • Side Orders

  • Mixed Pickled or Mango Chutney

    • $3

     A tangy treat

  • Raita

    • $3

    Cool whipped home made yogurt with tomatoes and cucumbers . It cools!

  • Extra Rice

    • $3

  • Darjeeling Tea

    • $2

    Our own choice blend imported from India

  • Coffee

    • $2

     A delicious Colombian blend

  • Pepsi, Lemonade, Diet Pepsi, Mt. Dew, Sierra Mist

    • $1.95
  • Lassi

    • $3.95

    Lassi Sweet yogurt drink with rosewater and pistachios

  • Mango Lassi

    • $3.95

     Lassi made with mango pulp

  • Masala Tea

    • $2

    Indian spiced tea with milk and sugar

  • Iced Tea

    • $2
  • Sparkling Soda

    • $2
  • Milk

    • $2

  • Ras Malai

    • $4.95

    A dessert from eastern part of India. Fresh cheese cakes served dipped in sweetened milk topped with nuts

  • Mango Milk Shake

    • $4.95

    Mango milk shake made with milk and mango ice cream; garnished with nuts and rosewater

  • Mango Ice Cream

    • $4.95

    A great Mango Ice Cream

  • Kulfee

    • $4.95

    Homemade Indian style, pistachio and cashew ice cream; with sweet spices and rosewater.
    Delicious. A perfect compliment to every Indian meal

  • Kheer

    • $4.95

    Beloved by everyone. Rice, cooked in milk with raisins, cardamom, and nuts. Garnished with rosewater

  • Gulab Jamun

    • $4.95

    Golden fried cheese balls soaked in a honey syrup. Garnished with nuts and rosewater

  • Mango Lassi

    • $3.95